CustomerIQ is a fully cloud-based architecture that brings together disparate sources of data to make them actionable for your business.

For more than 25 years, Inte Q has been delivering database development services. Relying on solid domain expertise, our team is ready to meet the specific challenges of your business with a professionally tailored solution that will keep your data clean, organized, secure, and easily accessible for authorized users from multiple devices.

Maximize the value of your data with CustomerIQ, while developing actionable insights to make smarter marketing decisions. Leverage the powerful combination of our experienced team of data scientists and advanced data driven tools to grow your brand. Gain the insights needed to make data-driven marketing decisions through a deeper understanding of your customer’s behavior.

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Database Management Services

The most valuable element in your business is your customer data, and Inte Q is committed to both keeping that data safe and maximizing your return on it. Our experienced database management team helps structure your data for speed, reliability and accessibility.

We offer an unmatched range of database services, from mapping and analysis of legacy client systems to building, hosting, and supporting full customer data integration solutions. Utilizing our CustomerIQ product, our marketing database engineers operate our various client customer data warehouses, managing separate householding, matching, file processing, and ETL processing rules for hundreds of millions of individual records.

Data Health/Data Hygiene

Inte Q offers full-service data health services to ensure your data can be optimized, including CASS, NCOA, customer matching, email hygiene, householding, and demographic data appends.

We leverage core master data management principles in integrating and performing hygiene on disparate sources. Our data health process is not only for purely operational tasks such as, but also for insight-driven demo/psychographic data appends and external prospecting. All of this is done with the goal of providing our clients with the insights they need to move their business forward.


Inte Q is technology agnostic and supports customer data integrations with any technical solutions as needed by our clients – often through pre-build integrations we have with leading marketing platforms.

Flexible and Scalable

Inte Q’s cloud-based architecture is built to respond to your big data demands easily through auto-scaling and self-healing. Our platform uses ETL processing for millions of records, with unlimited customer interactions from various sources.

Data Security

Data security is taken very seriously at Inte Q, we are PCI Level 1, SOC II Type 2, GDPR, and FIPS Compliant. We safeguard your customer’s privacy with industry-standard secure, encrypted data best practices.

Data Mart for Customer Analytics

CustomerIQ provides flexible self-service data mart and analytics options. Inte Q also offers full-service analytics and insights to get the most from your data.

API Library

Leverage Inte Q’s full-featured API library to automate workflow and setup systems quicker with more flexibility.

Business Intelligence Tools

Tableau Online access allows for the creation of visualizations from your data.

marketing activation suite, activation strategy

Marketing Activation Suite

Make data-driven marketing decisions with our intelligent media solution. Leverage the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to execute personalized, cross-channel marketing campaigns that increase customer engagement and maximize ROI.

Campaign Builder

Automate personalized marketing campaigns to optimize results that connect customer engagement across all channels. CustomerIQ uses standardized campaign meta data to improve results tracking.

Segment Builder

Build segments on the fly based on any data field with segment builder.

Model Builder

Easily create cross-channel target audiences and leverage the power of predictive modeling, AI and machine learning to reach optimal audience online offline. Leverge Inte Q’s key integration partnerships.

Test, Control and Measure

Continually measure marketing campaigns to optimize RPI by connecting online and offline data for a complete picture of customer behavior.

Partner Integrations

A cross-agency collaboration tool that maximizes efficiency and reduces time to market. Gain flexibility working within your existing technology ecosystem.

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