Achieve higher ROI through data-driven customer engagement techniques.

Our team of highly experienced data scientists, applied mathematicians, and statisticians use a full suite of analytics tools to deliver rich reporting based on descriptive and predictive analytics and modeling.

The Inte Q approach to data analytics and insights provides the framework for a data-driven, holistic view of an organization — one that will reveal new connections and potential outcomes. This is how companies discover the immense value of their data.


Our Data Analysis Goals

Data is the foundation required to develop a true understanding of your customers so you can build strategies that drive ROI and customer retention. Inte Q measures data across organizational processes and structures, with the aim of generating useful key performance indicators (KPIs) and establishing a reliable brand identity. Through data analysis, we seek to:

  • Optimize every customer’s value
  • Measure customer experiences
  • Maximize marketing investments
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Drive informed actions and outcomes
  • Understand the future value of customers
  • Discover the best ways to leverage customer loyalty

Inte Q’s automated, AI-driven machine learning techniques provide real-time decisioning tools to guide organizations to understand their customers’ future values. This reduces the cost of customer acquisition while improving overall ROI.

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Inte Q Areas of Expertise

Our analytic approach centers on six key areas of expertise:

Customer Insights

• Customer Lifetime Value
• Lifecycle Analytics
• Segmentation
• Acquisition Strategy
• Retention Strategy


• Technology
• Process
• Algorithmic Assessment
• Content Metadata

Data Science

• Predictive Modeling
• Machine Learning & AI
• Media Mix Modeling

Loyalty Strategy

• Customer Retention
• Points Programs
• Omni-Channel Activation


• Dashboards
• Reporting
• Storytelling

Merchandising Insights

• Market Basket
• Product/Brand Affinity
• Seasonal Analytics
• Inventory Analytics
• Supply Chain

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