Make the most of your data with flexible technology systems.

At Inte Q, we take a “technologically agnostic” approach to data and technology services. That means we’re capable of working with existing data capture and database tools to extract and analyze data wherever it lives within an organization’s system. 

We believe in the power of data, and we are dedicated to helping teams understand that power. Inte Q’s advanced analytics approach adds valuable insight into your decision-making processes while reducing resource spend.

  • Reduce your reliance on your IT department by ingesting disparate data sources “as is”
  • Leverage your existing technology to deliver strategic planning and programming advice
  • Enrich your existing data to solve marketing challenges without needing to reinvent the wheel and embark on brand new data collection initiatives
  • Receive programs and strategies designed to work with your existing systems and technology
database management services, data quality

Database Management Services

With the help of Genesis, our Customer Engagement Platform, our experienced database management teams structure your data for speed, reliability, and accessibility.

Data Health/Data Hygiene

Our comprehensive data health services support more effective data analysis. We apply industry-leading data health techniques like the Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS), the National Change of Address (NCOA) dataset, customer matching, email hygiene, householding, demographic data appends, and more.


We apply our technology agnostic approach to support customer data integrations with tech solutions on an as-needed basis. Our partnerships with leading marketing platform providers allow us to offer clients the benefit of many pre-built integrations.

Cloud-Based Scaling Solutions

Because Inte Q uses a cloud-based architecture, auto-scaling and self-healing easily keep up with your big data demands. We use “Extract, Transform, Load” (ETL) processing to access, sort, and analyze millions of records, with unlimited customer interactions from various sources.

Data Security

Inte Q protects your data at every point, in every place it exists. We are compliant with key data protection standards, including PCI Level 1, SOC II Type 2, GDPR, and FIPS. We safeguard your customers’ privacy by using industry-standard best practices every time we interact with your data.

Data Mart for Customer Analytics

Inte Q’s proprietary CustomerIQ technology is a flexible, self-service data mart for organizations that want to be in the driver’s seat when applying the right analytical approaches. Inte Q’s suite of full-service analytics and insight tools are always available through our team of advanced data scientists as well.

API Library

Automated workflows and quick system set ups are just a few clicks away thanks to our vast, full-featured API library. You’ll find flexible solutions for connecting with all the industry-leading datasets, portals, and data processing tools.

Business Intelligence Tools

Access Tableau Online cloud-hosted data analytics through Inte Q to create game-changing visualizations of your data analysis, accessible from anywhere.

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